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VIGNA SAMMARCELLO, of 3.85 hectares, at an altitude of approx. 325 mt. a.s.l., it is composed to clayey, stony areas and calcareous sandstone. On the grounds of its soil characteristics, this vineyard is vocated to produce wines of great structure, long maturity and with complex Mediterranean bouquet and remarkable finesse.
Planted exclusively with Pignatello, a rare and ancient autochthon grape variety of Trapani’s wine district, which represents the vine growing heritage of the old feudal domain.
Vines are trained by double Guyot system with a high density of 7.143 per hectare, and a low yield production of approx. 1,20 kg. per vine.
The best selection of Pignatello, also known as Perricone, grapes, harvested at hand between September 8th and 15th are vinified in order to produce our “Premier Cru” Barone di Serramarrocco and its “petit vin” Sammarcello, two superb authocthon wines which represent the wine heritage of old Barony.

Vigna di Serramarrocco

high density & low yield ...