Vigna del CAPITANO

a vineyard born from passion...

VIGNA del CAPITANO, of 2.72 hectares at an altitude of approx. 325 mt. a.s.l., it is composed to clayey areas and calcareous sandstone, intermixed with marly limestone. Due to soil texture, this vineyard is ideally vocated to produce wines of great body with a remarkable complexity, long maturity and rare finesse.
Planted exclusively with Cabernet Sauvignon, vines are trained by double Guyot system with a remarkable high density of 9.524 per hectare, with utmost attention to low yield production, being approx. 1 kg. per plant, in order to allow each vine to express its own varietal profiles, at their best.
It is, in fact, the vineyard with the highest density of vines per hectare ever recorded in western Sicily.
The best selection of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc grapes, harvested at hand in the “vigna Sammichele” between August 30th and September 6th, are separately vinified and aged, and then blended, in order to produce the Serramarrocco which represents the bordolaise tradition of the wine estate.

Vigna di Serramarrocco

high density & low yield...