Between mountains and sea...

Located on the western cost of the island, at Mount Erice foothills in the heart of the DOC Erice wine route, the estate lays on a classic hillside sicilian landscape, intermixed with wooded areas and with sloping land plots which are renowned as being particularly vocated to vine growing, from immemorial time.
The soils are, in fact, primarily composed of clayey areas and calcareous sandstone, intermixed with marly limestone.
The property benefits from an ideal breezy, maritime microclimate, as it insists on a windy area at an altitude of approximately 350 meters above the sea level, with a significant different range temperature between night and day.
Such climatic ideal conditions and geo-pedological characteristics allow Serramarrocco’s wine estate to produce wines of its own background, tipicity and rare elegance.
At the top of the Serra, the ruins of the 17th century Baglio di Serramarrocco overlook upon vineyards and Egadi islands’ enchanting landscape.
Serramarrocco is also 6 kms. away from the temple and amphitheatre of Segesta which are regarded as one of the most famous archeological sites in Europe.


High density & low yield...

La Vigna di Serramarrocco, recognized by the Region of Sicily, as before Erice D.o.p. of the province of Trapani, is composed of a vineyard area of about 22 hectares. Located at an altitude of about 350 meters. s.l.m., in the heart of the Erice Doc Wine Route, is characterized by medium limestone and clayey soils with a partially limestone and rich in skeleton, with scattered pebble and pebble elements.
The plots, cultivated for the most part with high density farming systems per hectare ranging from 6,250 to 9,524 vines per hectare, are destined for low yield production, such as to guarantee the maximum qualitative extraction of the individual vines.
To date, the cultivated vines are: Pignatello, Nero d’Avola, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet
Sauvignon, Zibibbo, Grillo and other autochthonous varieties for experimental purposes.

Vigna di Serramarrocco

High density & low yield...