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As far back as it can be traced, the territory of Trapani , along with Marsala, Erice and Salemi, have always been renowned as a conglomeration of feudal domains particularly vocated to wine growing.
Today, with its 66.000 hectares of vines, the same area is being counted as the largest Europe’s wine growing district.

In 1624, Don Juan Antonio Marrocco y Orioles, Lord of the Manor of Serramarrocco and Captain of Justice of Salemi, was elevated as first Baron of Serramarrocco by His Majesty the King Philip IV of Spain and Sicily, in recognition of Don Juan Antonio’s valiant struggle to have given shelter and aid to Kingdom’s population ravaged by black plague that swept through Sicily at that time.
Furthermore, to the bravery and selflessness demonstrated, His Majesty King Philip IV of Spain granted to His Captain also a Royal Domain as to be held “in baroniam Serrae Marrocco”, a Crown Estate, since then, renowned for its fine vineyards, which were reserved to the winemaking of wines of the Royal Court of Sicily.

Nowdays, from the very same lands, Barone di Serramarrocco’s wines are being produced.
Since 2001, Marco di Serramarrocco, on the grounds of his household tradition, and after a career as a broker at Lloyd’s of London, came back from England, in order to start a reorganization project of its land ownership.
Based upon the renowned winegrowing terroir of the ancient barony, and in accordance with the law decree D.D.G. N° 3198 del 02-07-2013 issued by the Region of Sicily, the terroir of Serramarrocco is protected under the name “Vigna di Serramarrocco” as being the first Protected Designation of Origin Erice (PDO) and of the whole Province of Trapani.
Serramarrocco, now being a winemaking estate, is composed of approximately 60 hectares, with 22 hectares of high density vineyards which have been replanted following to a microzonation study.
Varieties, clones, rootstocks, density, were selected to match it with the complexity of terroir.
Moreover, the cultivation regime and grape growing system have been applied with a view to obtaining a low yield production per vine in order to further enhance the very own varietal profiles of each grape.

Vigna di Serramarrocco

High density & low wine yield